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Dry Plants

Our Mission

Rare Artifacts & Stone (R.A.S.) is founded on the principles of fair trade and
global philanthropy. That means our artifacts are crafted with respect for the environment and
the people who make them. While traveling through Brazil, we came across these beautiful
artifacts that were hand created by artisan stone miners. These miners worked day and night to
create these unique artifacts perfectly.


When R.A.S. was founded in 2020, we partnered with skilled artisan stone miners in
Brazil to present their hard work to the entire world. Then and now, our highest priority is that
our partners throughout the supply chain are paid fair living wages and work in environments
that prioritize health, safety, and respect. We create stone artifacts that celebrate the beauty of
nature, art, traditions, and cultures all around the world. We are committed to using our work to
improve our environment and enrich our communities through social and environmental
awareness and action.


It is our goal for the whole world to see these beautiful artifacts created by the
hardworking stone miners in Brazil, who spend hours creating various different animals and
products. With your help, R.A.S. is contributing proceeds to help support endangered wildlife and
provide food for those who are in need.

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