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Small Flower Pot

Small Flower Pot

A beautiful vase of colorful flowers to make your workplace or home more vibrant and colorful. The piece of art is a fine creation of artisans of Brazil with a combination of various gemstones and marble found in Brazil. The flowers are crafted from various gemstones, scolecite, blue sodalite, carnelian agate, yellow citrine and apricot agate. The leaves are green malachite, and the vase is ruschita roz marble. It is one of the most exquisite and special handcrafted creations by the artisan. The scolecite amplifies confidence, serenity and peace. Blue sodalite is a semi-precious gemstone that helps in self-expression, communication and grounding. Carnelian agate amplifies courage, confidence and enthusiasm. Yellow citrine is a stone of endurance, confidence and positivity and apricot agate amplify hope, inner peace and harmonizes with malachite. Green Malachite is a stone of prosperity, clarity and protection. The ruschita roz marble is a symbol that amplifies love, calmness and positivity making it a perfect piece of art and beauty. A specially packed and inspected Home Decor from Brazil can highlight your home and workplace with its beauty of natural stones and its special elements. Being a natural stone, some variations in color and/or pattern are to be expected. Color, size and /or motif may vary slightly as it is a handcrafted decor.

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