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Bear with Fish Figurine

Bear with Fish Figurine

 A beautiful and unique design of a wild bear with a gemstone fish is handcrafted especially for people in love with nature. The bear is crafted by a Brazilian artisan from precious gemstones of Brazil making it exquisite and distinctive. The gemstones are yellow jasper and green malachite. The rarity and qualities of the gemstone in each piece make it unique and elegant. The yellow jasper is a stone of zeal that amplifies self-confidence and courage. The green malachite compliments it as it amplifies prosperity, clarity and protection. A specially packed and inspected Home Decor from Brazil can highlight your home and workplace with its beauty of natural stones and its special elements. Being a natural stone, some variations in colour and/or pattern are to be expected. Colour, size and /or motif may vary slightly as it is a handcrafted decor.

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